Festival Regulations


During their use in this document, the terms defined have the meaning agreed in this section, unless they are otherwise defined in this Regulation:

Subscription: a certificate issued in any form (on paper or in electronic form), attesting the right of access to DISKOteka Festival 2020; Subscriptions are nominal and have a unique identification number. By purchasing the subscriptions, the buyers undertake to comply with the present Festival Regulations, the procedures for registering the purchased subscriptions, the rules of check-in and access to the Festival and, in general, any other rules for participating in it, which are made known to them by various means, including directly through the Site. The purchase of subscriptions / bracelets / invitations from areas other than those authorized by the Festival Organizer is prohibited and restricts access to the Festival.

Bracelet: a certificate applied by DISKOteka when validating a Subscription, which offers the same rights as those included in the Subscription and certifies exclusively that its holder has the right to visit the Festival; special method of payment within the Festival.

Subscription Buyer: the person who buys the Festival ticket.

Duration of the Festival and Venue: DISKOteka Festival 2020 will take place between 18 – 20 September 2020, at the „Dan Păltinișanu” stadium in Timisoara.

DISKOteka Organizer – Concerte 100% Live S.R.L., a company of Romanian nationality, based in Stefanestii de Jos, str. Hortensiei, no. 5, Ilfov County, order number in the Trade Register J23 / 1314/2018, unique registration code RO39087852.

Contractual partner: an economic operator or other natural / legal person who carries out independent commercial activities at the Festival, based on a contractual relationship with DISKOteka.

Participants – all persons participating in the Festival, whether they are Authorized Participants or are Unauthorized Participants.

Authorized Participant: Subscription buyer and Visitor.

Unauthorized Participant: natural person who participates in the Festival without having the valid right to enter, including the person who obtains a Bracelet in exchange for an illegally acquired Subscription or the third party who participates in the Festival with such a bracelet.

Product: the items and rights with pecuniary value that may be purchased from or in connection with DISKOteka or other Contracting Partners within the Festival, as well as any vouchers or other similar means that may be offered in exchange for them.

Service: any service provided by DISKOteka or its Contracting Partners within or in connection with the Festival, either free or paid.

Third parties: natural and legal persons, other than DISKOteka Festival, Visitors or Subscription Buyers.

Visitor: natural person having the right to enter and participate in the Festival.

Festival area: inside the stadium “Dan Păltinișanu” from Timișoara.


The present clauses of the Regulation will apply to:

● Visitors or Buyers of Festival Tickets/Subscriptions;
● Unauthorized Participants.

This Regulation presents the rights and obligations arising from participating in the Festival and the relations established between DISKOteka and Participants on the occasion of the Festival, the latter being obliged to respect them, the application of the Regulation helping to guarantee the safety and comfort of all.

By participating in the Festival, the Participants accept and agree to the conditions of the Organizer to comply with the Rules.

Acceptance of this Regulation marks the conclusion of the contractual relationship between the Authorized Participants and DISKOteka.

The organizer suggests to the Participants to contact the security team, its representatives or the authorities if they detect any irregularities.

This Regulation is valid for an indefinite period. Participants agree that DISKOteka has the right to unilaterally amend this Regulation, without prior notification to them. If the Regulation is amended, those changes take effect immediately after publication on the Site.

DISKOteka specifies that the Regulations can be modified after the purchase of the Subscription, even immediately before the Festival. DISKOteka recommends that Participants monitor the changes to this Regulation.

The Purchaser of the Subscription agrees, by purchasing the Subscription, the holder of the Subscription – other than the Purchaser of the Subscription – agrees by legally obtaining the Subscription, and the Visitor – if he is not already a holder of the Subscription – agrees by receiving the Bracelet to be obliged to compliance with this Regulation.

The Purchaser of the Subscription – and if a subsequent transfer takes place, the subsequent transferor – will be obliged to inform the Visitor in this regard at the time of transfer of the Subscription, and will be liable for any damages resulting from the omission of the information.

Unauthorized participants will have no rights in relation to DISKOteka, as DISKOteka does not enter into a contractual relationship with them and does not assume any obligations towards them.


3.1. Subscriptions and Bracelets

Visitors are admitted to the Festival at the times and according to the conditions specified by the organizer in this Regulation. By purchasing a valid Subscription each Participant assures the right to participate in the Festival, with the obligation to know their rights and obligations within it.

Participation in the Festival is done using one of the following types of Subscriptions:

● Subscription Zone 2 – guarantees the Authorized Participant access to the Festival for the entire period of its performance, starting from the first day, from 5:00 pm until the end of the Festival. The holders of the Zone 2 subscriptions have access only in the General Access area, as indicated on the Festival Map (purple colored area).

● Subscription Zone 1 – guarantees to the Authorized Participant access to the Festival for the entire period of its performance, starting from the first day, from 5:00 pm until the end of the Festival. The holders of Zone 1 subscriptions also have access to a specially arranged area, as shown on the Festival Map (red colored area).

● VIP Subscription – guarantees the Authorized Participant access to the Festival for the entire period of its performance, starting from the first day, from 5:00 pm until the end of the Festival. VIP ticket holders also have access to a special area with bars with premium drink options and minimum waiting time, as indicated on the Festival Map (yellow colored area).

● VIP GOLD Subscription – guarantees the Authorized Participant access to the Festival for the entire duration of its Festival, starting from the first day, from 5:00 pm until the end of the Festival. VIP GOLD ticket holders have access to a specially designed bar area with premium drink options and minimal waiting time. Access to the Festival for VIP GOLD ticket holders is through a special entrance (orange colored area).

● One-day subscription – guarantees the Authorized Participant access to the Festival on that day, in Zone 2 – General Access, starting at 17:00 and until 00:00, when the validity of the Subscription ceases, and the Participant has no access within the Festival.

Participation in the Festival is also made using one of the following types of invitations (which will be assimilated to the Subscriptions):

● GOLD Invitations – guarantees the Authorized Participant access to the Festival for the entire period of its performance, starting from the first day, from 5:00 pm until the end of the Festival. GOLD invitation holders also have access to a specially designed bar area with premium drink options and minimal waiting time. Access to the GOLD Invitation Holders Festival is through a special entrance.

● PLATINUM Invitations – guarantees the Authorized Participant access to the Festival for the entire period of its performance, starting from the first day, from 5:00 pm until the end of the Festival. PLATINUM invitation holders also have access to an area specially equipped with bars with premium drink options and minimal waiting time. Access to the Festival for PLATINUM invitation holders is through a special entrance.

The organizer reserves the right to change the list of artists participating in the festival, both before and throughout the duration of the DISKOteka Festival 2020 event.

The purchased subscriptions offer the buyer access to the festival perimeter and not to a specific show / artist.

It is the responsibility of the Subscription Buyer not to post images on the internet with the purchased subscription (s). The subscription ensures the access of a single person to the Festival.

IMPORTANT! It is strictly forbidden to sell or buy invitations, as well as to sell subscriptions at a surcharge. The Organizer reserves the right to appeal to the legal channels for sanctioning those who will be found to carry out such activities, as well as to cancel the respective invitations / subscriptions..

The buyer finds on our site all the necessary information, especially in relation to the following aspects: taxes and commissions applied to the price established by DISKOteka, payment and payment methods, invoicing, data processing and reimbursement.

The final price paid by the buyer will consist of the basic price of the subscription and will also include VAT rate, administration and processing fees, insurance.

DISKOteka is not responsible for the extra services offered by the Contracting Partners, such as the return of the access subscription in case of non-presentation at the event by the consumer / buyer (eg Insurance En Garde) or other services.

The organizer reserves the right to change the price of the Subscriptions without the need for prior notification.

In order to be allowed access to the Festival Area, the holder of a valid Access Subscription has the obligation to check the purchased Subscription.

The check-in will be done free of charge upon entering the Festival Area, performed by DISKOteka and / or by a Contractual Partner, which uses its own infrastructure and personnel or performed by volunteers hired by a DISKOteka partner.

Each valid Subscription holder who checked in and showed up at the Festival Zone entrance receives a Bracelet (colored according to the type of the Subscription and the Participant’s age).

After changing the Subscription with a Bracelet, the Bracelet will confer the rights and obligations conferred by the Ticket. DISKOteka will register and connect the Visitor’s Bracelet during the entry procedure, provided that the Visitor has validly checked the Ticket.

The bracelets are non-transferable. Visitors have the obligation to wear the Bracelets, for the duration of their validity, on the wrist or, in exceptional and well justified cases, in another visible place, provided that the Bracelet cannot be removed without being damaged.

The organizers of the Festival can inspect the Bracelets at the entrance, at the exit and throughout the entire scope of the Festival, throughout the Festival.

The visitor is fully responsible for any damage or loss of the Bracelet.

Damaged bracelets, which have been resealed or cut, the closure system of which has been opened, those with a diameter larger than the wrist or in which it intervened in any way, are NOT valid. DISKOteka will not replace damaged or lost bracelets.

Participants with damaged bracelets lose their right to be in the Festival Zone, being excluded outside it. In the event of loss, deterioration of any kind of Bracelet, the Participant is obliged to purchase a new Subscription for that day if he wishes to remain in the Festival Area.

If, in accessing the Festival Area, the Subscription holder is suspected of illegally obtaining the Subscription, DISKOteka expressly reserves the right to request the Subscription holder to present documents and / or certificates to verify the legal acquisition or purchase of the Subscription , the right to evaluate whether they are valid and compliant, and in the absence of a satisfactory document or certificate, reserves the right to invalidate the Subscription without any obligation to reimburse the purchase price and to refuse the entry of the respective person in the Festival Area.

When accessing the services offered through the site / application, the user becomes aware of this regulation, which he assumes in its entirety.

In the purchase of Online Subscriptions, the Visitor is solely responsible for the accuracy of the data entered. The festival has the right and will check on the spot if the data entered by the visitor correspond with the data on its identity card.

If the user wants to buy more Subscriptions, he can do this by passing for each ticket the data of the people who will use the tickets. The holder of the ticket group is directly and solely responsible for the correctness of the data entered.

Subscription transfer policy

The holder of a subscription does NOT have the possibility to transfer the Subscription to another person.


REFUND represents the action by which a participant in the Festival recovers his remaining money on the bracelet, under the conditions detailed in the present Regulation.

Unused sums on the bracelet can be exchanged for money through the process called REFUND, if all the conditions imposed by the Festival are met. The amounts will be returned at any of the loading points on the festival perimeter, anytime during the festival but not later than Monday, September 21, 2020, 6:00 pm. Any request received after the date and time expressly indicated, will not be considered by the organizer. In this situation, the organizer will not be held guilty for not refunding the amount to the participant, being the exclusive duty and obligation of the participant to respect the date and time until he can make the request for restitution of the unused amounts on the bracelet. In the event that the participant does not request the refund of unused sums on the bracelet within this term, he is the only person responsible for not returning the money, the organizer being free of any guilt.

The amount returned represents all the amount remaining in the account of the Bracelets, for which a commission of 10 lei is levied – the processing fee. To make the Refund, the Festival participant must wear the bracelet and make sure that it does not show any traces of compromise.

3.2. General rules for access to the Festival

Entrance to the Festival is possible only through the places and at the appointed times, exclusively for the Authorized Participants.

Access to the Festival Area is made only at the specially arranged entrances, in compliance with the procedures and the check-in and access rules, provided by this Regulation.

Access to the Festival Area will be made according to the type of Subscription purchased.

The participants have the obligation that besides the Subscription they have identity papers on them.

At the request of the security team or representatives of the Organizer or other competent bodies or authorities, the Participant is obliged to present the access documents and the identity documents.

At each access area the Participant is aware of and agrees to the present Regulation, which will be displayed in a visible place in these areas, in addition to the other means of being made public, such as through the Site.

o ensure the safe running of the Festival, DISKOteka reserves the right to restrict the type of objectives and devices that may be brought to the Festival area.

Therefore, it is forbidden to enter the Festival with the following objects:

● Drugs;
● Bottles (including perfume or deodorant bottles);
● Cosmetic products if they contain flammable liquids;
● Bags or bags larger than 29cm x 21cm x 12cm;
● Beverage boxes;
● Preserve cans;
● Fireworks;
● Lasers;
● Sprays;
● Banners supported by sticks;
● Chairs;
● Knives, weapons, blunt objects;
● Chains;
● Lighters;
● Pyrotechnic articles;
● Food or drinks;
● Animals;
● Umbrellas (in the case of rain it is recommended to use pilgrims);
● Flammable or explosive materials;
● Professional cameras or videos, including any type of DSLR camera;
● Any kind of objects that may injure other Participants.
It is allowed access with:
● Matches;
● Selfie stickers (small and lightweight);
● External batteries;
● Medicaments;
● Insulin;
● Drops – for medicinal use;
● Spray inhaler for asthma.

Any such products are allowed only if they are accompanied by a medical letter or any other replacement document and with a maximum daily dose.

Following the very strict rules regarding the prohibited objects, the persons responsible for the security and monitoring of the Festival will thoroughly search each Participant and any prohibited objects discovered after the verification will be stopped at the gate, without the Organizer taking responsibility for them.

All participants are advised to consult the list of prohibited objects and not to hold such objects in the Festival.

Regarding the lost objects, the Organizer will arrange a special space where such objects can be brought and in which each owner can recover his goods within 72 hours after the festival ends. After the end of the Festival, all the items not claimed will be handed over to their issuers (for example: identity card, birth certificate, etc., in the attention of the Municipal Police; bank cards in the attention of the issuing banks).

Objects without identifiable issuer, regardless of value, will be donated for charitable purposes, as far as possible, depending on the nature of the objects.

The Organizer is not responsible for the goods of the Participants or for any damages caused.

Entrance by car, rollers, skateboards, bicycles, hoverboards and other such devices in the Festival Areas is forbidden.

3.3. Minors and persons with disabilities

Minors will receive bracelets of a different color, which will not allow them to purchase alcoholic beverages or cigarettes. Minors are prohibited from consuming alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and drugs. Minors under 14 years old have free access to the Festival.

At the request of the persons responsible for security and monitoring, as well as of the representatives of the Organizer, the attendant has the obligation to present documents (student card, passport or any other document containing the minor’s picture) attesting the age of the minor.

The access of minors between 14-18 years will be made only on the basis of a valid Subscription, the identity card and in the company of a parent / guardian. A parent / guardian may accompany a single minor under the age of 14. An adult is required to assume responsibility for a minor and is required to complete and sign Annex 1 – „Declaration of Commitment” (available at the end of this Regulation – Parental Agreement), without which the child will not be allowed to enter the Area The festival, whether or not it has a companion.

The responsible person will provide within the commitment statement contact details to which he can be contacted in emergency cases.

Due to the very loud noise produced at the Festival, the Organizer does not recommend the presence of children under 14 at the Festival. Minors under the age of 14 must wear headphones.

In the case of persons with disabilities in a disability category, they benefit from the following facilities:

● Persons with locomotor problems, who use a wheelchair for traveling, as well as the person accompanying them, receive free admission tickets to the Festival within the limit of 44 available seats;
● People with other types of disabilities benefit from a 60% discount on the subscription price

In order to benefit from free or reduced discounts, persons with special needs should send an e-mail containing a copy of the certificate of disability classification, a copy of their identity card and their telephone number to abonamente@diskoteka.ro.

Based on this certificate the name and address of the persons concerned will be retained, their data to be deleted at the latest 72 hours after the end of the Festival Duration. The registration period is March 1, 2020 – March 31, 2020.

All applications sent outside this period will not be considered. The access of persons with special needs is made only on the basis of the identity document and the confirmation received by e-mail after the evaluation of the application by the Organizer. Incomplete applications and applications sent to other email addresses will not be considered.

Participants who fall into a certain category of disability, are required to present to the security team or to the representatives of the Organizer a valid identity document as well as the certificate attesting disability.

The companion benefits from the reduction of the Subscription only if he proves, through any kind of supporting document, that the person with disability who accompanies him has care and protection.

The organizer reserves the right to determine the number of persons with disabilities who will be able to participate in the Festival, depending on the total number of participants and the capacity of the festival.

3.4. Behavior during the Festival

In the Festival Areas, visitors have the obligation to refrain from all actions, statements or behavior that could endanger the life, health or physical integrity of other persons or which may violate their personal rights.

Any form of economic, commercial or advertising activity in the Festival Area – including in the area in front of the Festival gates – is prohibited without the prior written permission of DISKOteka.

The sale of alcoholic beverages must comply with the provisions of the law, and no such drinks may be offered to minors under 18 and to persons in a drunken condition by DISKOteka or any Contracting Partner of the Festival.

The use of substances classified as prohibited drugs under the applicable law is prohibited in the Festival Area and is punished by law.

Any demonstration of any kind, not related to the Festival organized by DISKOteka, regardless of the number of participants, is prohibited, unless DISKOteka has given prior written approval in this regard.

In the Festival Area, authorized and appropriately qualified employees of DISKOteka or its Contracting Partners will ensure the application of the rules of conduct and safety. Visitors are expressly committed, by virtue of their participation in the Festival, that they will fully cooperate with these persons within the limits of the law and will respect their instructions during the Festival in case of emergency or if other significant circumstances (eg for health reasons) justifies it.

For security reasons, the Festival Zone is supervised with video cameras by the DISKOteka Contract Partners. At the Festival you can use both Free Services and Products and Services and Products for which payment is received.

Visitors undertake to pay all the Services and Products for which payment is received, and assume the responsibility for the immediate payment of all prices and purchase fees due.

Visitors will make the payment of the Products and Services for which payment is received using the payment methods offered by DISKOteka or the Contracting Partners, as specified in Section 3.7 of this Regulation.

Thus, on the DISKOteka Festival site, all purchase prices and taxes will be payable exclusively by the methods designated by DISKOteka, instead of cash.

3.5. Security and health

Taking into account the scale of the Festival, the Organizer will take the appropriate measures so that the Participants are informed about the measures and activities of prevention and protection within the Festival Area.

Everyone has the obligation to show a civilized behavior towards the other Participants of the Festival. In particular, in order to ensure the smooth running of the Festival, the Participants have the following obligations:

● immediately communicate to the security team and / or the representatives of the Organizer any situation for which they have good reasons to consider it a danger to the safety and health of the Participants,
● to bring to the attention of the security team and / or the representatives of the Organizer any kind of incidents suffered by his own person,
● to cooperate with the security team and / or the representatives of the Organizer, the competent authorities, the volunteers, in order to ensure the smooth running of the Festival, without risk to health and safety,
● to comply with the provisions of the legislation in the field of health and safety and their enforcement measures,
● The participant who observes a fire has the obligation to announce by any means the security team and / or the representatives of the Organizer, in order to limit and extinguish the fire,
● in case of fire, any Participant is obliged to provide assistance,
● to comply with the laws in force regarding smoking in closed spaces in the Festival Area, as it is strictly forbidden.

3.6. The recordings made during the Festival

The organizer has the right of image over the entire Festival and can use the photo and video images, made by both his own staff and by the Participants, in various materials made during the Festival.

Visitors note that DISKOteka, the Contractual Partners authorized by DISKOteka, its associates, members of the press, other Visitors and other Third parties can make audio and image recordings of the Festival.

Therefore, all Visitors, by virtue of their participation in the Festival, grant to the Organizer (as well as to those authorized by the latter), by knowing the present Regulations, the express permission for the recording and publication of their image, appearance and actions.

The person making the registrations according to the above rules will obtain transferable and exclusive rights of use regarding the registrations of the Visitors, any presentation of the respective images must be related to the Festival.

DISKOteka and the persons authorized by DISKOteka have the unrestricted right to make a profit from, to use (especially for the purpose of promoting the Festival), copy, publish, make public, publicize and distribute such records of the Visitors, without the need to pay Visitors for it.

Visitors expressly note that DISKOteka can record the Festival, concerts and programs, copy the recordings and distribute them by means of image carriers, broadcast them or otherwise make them public and may do so repeatedly. , including by informing the public about the Festival, concerts and programs by means of data transmission by cable or by any other means (eg through YouTube), so that members of the public can individually choose the place and time of access.

Visitors are not entitled, within the limits of the legal provisions, to make claims against DISKOteka in relation to their registrations and publication according to those provided above.

Visitors have the right to make audio and image recordings at the Festival, but only with the help of a sound and image recording tool incorporated in a telecommunication device used for personal purposes (for example, a mobile phone or tablet).

Visitors may not, without the prior consent of DISKOteka, sell, use in exchange for a price or use for free, but for commercial purposes, the image and voice recordings they have made, to identify the Visitors appearing in those records without their agreement, or to violate the personal rights of the respective Visitors.

DISKOteka, expressly, is not responsible for violating the above-mentioned rules by other Visitors. The organizer reserves the right to establish areas / locations with prohibited photography / filming. In case of non-compliance, the Organizer has the right to confiscate the camera / video until the end of the Festival and to delete the respective recordings.

3.7. The products and the payment method of the Festival

In the Festival Area there will be points from which the Participants can obtain the Products and Services made available by the Organizer or the Contracting Partners. The participants have the obligation to use in the Festival Area only the payment methods and instruments established by the Organizer.

The payment method for the products and services offered in the Festival Area are multipurpose vouchers used through payment devices (RFID), the Bracelet.

At the entrance to the Festival Zone, each Participant has the obligation to procure his Brățara (with the integrated payment system), with which he can purchase the Products and Services available in the Festival Area.

Payment in cash in the Festival Area is STRICTLY PROHIBITED, except for the Top Up areas previously established by the Organizer.

These payment instruments are considered MPVs (multi-purpose vouchers), as defined by the European Commission, due to the fact that in exchange for Credit Points on the payment instrument, the participant can purchase services / products that have a quota Different VAT.

In this case, the VAT collection is made using credit points. At the same time, the issuance of a fiscal voucher and / or an invoice for the purchased Product / Service, falls to the merchants (Contractual Partners).

If a Participant wishes the tax invoice for the Products / Services purchased during the Festival, he / she has the obligation to keep all the tax receipts from each merchant (Contractual Partner) in part in order to request a subsequent tax invoice from the respective Contracting Partners.

The organizer has the opportunity to provide proof that the transaction (deposit or withdrawal of funds) was made.

The procedure regarding transactions in the electronic system during the Festival is as follows:

● Upon entering the Festival Areas, after obtaining the Bracelet, it is advisable for each Participant to travel to one of the Top Up locations to charge their Bracelet with credit points.
● The bracelet will be the only payment method within the Festival.
● The conversion for this MPV (multi-purpose voucher) is: 1 leu – 1 credit point.
● For each upload, the Organizer has the possibility, but not the obligation, to hand the Participant a proof for the amount deposited on the Bracelet.
● The participants have the opportunity to charge their Bracelet as many times as they wish, but each charge must have a minimum amount of 10 lei.
● The participant has the right to check the amount available on the Bracelet at any Contract Partner in the Festival Area or at the Top Up.
● Bracelet loading / reloading can be done by cash or by bank card.
● The participant chooses the desired product, when the respective Contracting Partner checks the amount in the SOP;
● Each Participant has the obligation to verify the amount checked by the Contracting Partner in the SOP, and after the verification will reach the Bracelet from the POS – contactless terminal (card – reader) to make the payment;
● The Contracting Partners will have the obligation to issue fiscal certificates to the Participants clients (as well as invoices, at the request of the Participants).

Return of the remaining money on the Bracelets at the end of the Festival:

● The participant has the possibility that at any time he wishes to receive back the unused amount from the Bracelet with Chip but not later than Monday, September 21, 2020, 06:00 PM; after this date the unused amounts will no longer be returned and remain the property of the Organizer;
● The refund of the remaining amounts on the Bracelet is made exclusively in cash at the Top Up locations located in the Festival Area.


DISKOteka makes no warranty as to the duration of the entry process, given the large number of visitors, or the possibility of entering the Individual Festival, the duration of the entry and the quality of the entertainment, and explicitly excludes the reimbursement to the Visitor of the Subscription price or granting a further reduction or payment of damages, compensations or compensations of any kind.

Within the Festival, the Organizer may make changes to the program unilaterally, depending on various situations that may occur during the course. Given that there is no contractual relationship between DISKOteka and the Unauthorized Participant, DISKOteka explicitly excludes any liability to the Unauthorized Participant for contractual breach and for all claims that a consumer may raise.

DISKOteka reserves the right to modify, restructure and further develop the Festival, the Services and Products offered at the Festival, at its choice, according to needs.

Visitors have no right to make claims against DISKOteka regarding the respective modifications, restructuring or further developments. Therefore, DISKOteka will not guarantee to the Visitor the availability, content, quality and quantity of the programs and Services (such as the evolution of a certain artist, the fact that the evolution of a certain artist will live up to the expectations of the Visitor, or the opportunity to participate in a certain program and / or at a certain location), which nevertheless takes shape depending on the special characteristics of the location and the equipment present within it (such as the number of places in a particular location).

However, DISKOteka will make every effort to provide the programs and the Services previously communicated and, if their offering becomes impossible, to replace the canceled program or the Service previously communicated with another program or Service.

DISKOteka has no obligation to cancel the Festival in case of bad weather. If the authorities request the suspension or closure of the Festival by DISKOteka for reasons of force majeure, the Festival or part thereof will be canceled.

Visitors expressly note that they may also purchase Products and Services in connection with the Festival which are offered by other Contracting Partners, and not by DISKOteka.

In such cases, the contract is concluded directly between the Visitor and the Contracting Partner, and the rights and obligations arising from the legal relationship apply exclusively to the Visitor and the Contracting Partner.

Visitors expressly confirm that they may not raise any claim against DISKOteka in relation to the respective Products and Services or in connection with the contract for those Products and Services.

DISKOteka also generally states that it is not responsible in any way in connection with the Products and Services provided by the Contracting Partners. Visitors may use the Services and Products provided by the Contracting Partners exclusively at their own risk. DISKOteka assumes no liability for any damages arising out of or suffered in connection with the purchase or use of Services and Products provided by the Contracting Partners.

Visitors can enter the Festival at their own risk. DISKOteka will only be liable for intentional contractual breaches attributable to it and for contractual breaches that endanger human health, integrity or physical health, if such damages are caused by DISKOteka, and excludes any liability beyond the explicit legal rights of the Participants in connection with any other harm, including those that affect human life, integrity or physical health or property damage.

DISKOteka does not operate luggage storage facilities or storage boxes at the Festival. Lost and found items can be delivered to the information desk; visitors may be interested in lost items at the same office.

Unauthorized Visitors and Participants are fully liable, both on the basis of civil law and criminal law, for any harm caused by DISKOteka, its Contractual Partners, other Visitors and Third Parties within the Festival or in connection with the Festival.

DISKOteka shall not be liable for any harm caused to any Visitor, Unauthorized Participant or Third Party by the unlawful activities or omissions of any Visitor, Unauthorized Participant, pet or Third Party.

DISKOteka shall not be liable for any damages that may occur outside the Festival Area or on the way to or from the Festival Area, as DISKOteka may be held solely responsible for any damages arising in the Festival Area, if the conditions set out in this Regulation for commitment of DISKOteka responsibility.

DISKOteka has the right to immediately terminate the legal relationship with the Participant (having a Subscription or Bracelet) that has violated any provision of these Regulations in connection with the Festival.

In such a case, DISKOteka may invalidate the Participant’s Subscription or remove the Bracelet, and the Participant will be obliged to leave the Festival.

The Unauthorized Participant is not allowed to participate and must leave the Festival Area without delay. In addition to the immediate termination of the legal relationship with the Participant, DISKOteka has the right to impose on the respective Visitor or Unauthorized Participant a partial or total ban on participation in the Festival.

The participant agrees to be granted the medical treatment that can be considered appropriate in case of injury, accident or illness during the Festival and completely exempts from liability on DISKOteka and all persons participating in the respective medical treatment for any such actions, within the limits of the provisions legal.

In the Festival Area, first aid services and medical assistance will be provided on a continuous basis.

During the Festival will be played various games of high intensity lights and pyrotechnic effects that can harm children or epileptic persons. Participants who suffer from mental, physical illness and which may be affected in any way by loud noises, special visual effects, crowded areas, special sound effects or any other such elements, assume full responsibility for any damages they may suffer.

Also, the Organizer does not assume responsibility for any damages or injuries that could result from fireworks. The participants assume full responsibility for the ability to participate physically / psychically in various activities within the Festival.

IMPORTANT! We recommend carrying out specialized medical check-ups before participating in such activities that involve, among others, an increased level of effort.

DISKOteka shall have no liability whatsoever, of any kind whatsoever:

• any kind of damage (directly or indirectly) resulting from the use or inability to use the information presented on the Site in connection with the Festival;
• any kind of errors or omissions in the content that may cause harm. DISKOteka, without any prior notification, may delete, modify or add any information on the Site, suspend any activity on the Site, and if references are made to other sites DISKOteka does not guarantee and / or confirm in any way the type of information which can be found on these sites.

DISKOteka is also not responsible for the comments posted by users on the Site. Any information, data, text, photos, graphics, etc. contained on the Site are the responsibility of that person / entity from which it comes.

In these conditions DISKOteka cannot guarantee the content of the Site including, but not limited to, truncated, incomplete or incorrect information or for any consequences of their use.

DISKOteka makes no guarantees whatsoever that the Site will operate uninterruptedly, safely and without errors of any kind. The site may be discontinued by the owner or administrators at any time without any prior notification and without any claim whatsoever from its users.

In case of cancellation of the Festival due to the exclusive fault of the Organizer, the Organizer will refund the price of the tickets paid by the Buyer within 30 days from the date on which the cancellation was announced.

The value of the purchased subscriptions will not be refunded in case of cancellation or rescheduling of the Festival by the Organizer for causes that fall under the force of force majeure or the fortuitous case. By force majeure or fortuitous case is understood any external and unpredictable event such as, but not limited to: storms, threats or risk of terrorist attack, acts of public authorities, legitimate or not, epidemics, pandemics, accidents, explosions , fires, floods, torrential rains, earthquakes, social conflicts, major short circuits, high risk of damage to health or any other cases that cannot be foreseen or removed by due diligence and prudence by the Organizer.

Moving the venue for the event in the same geographical area is not a reason for returning the subscription value.

The dates of the festival can be changed unilaterally by the Organizer in case of force majeure or fortuitous case without any obligation to reimburse the ticket price to the Buyer.

If the event is rescheduled for reasons exclusively related to the Organizer’s will, the Buyer will send a return request to the e-mail address abonamente@diskoteka.ro and the subscription amount (without courier, bank transfer, or processing fees) will be returned to the account from which it was paid within 14 days AFTER the date on which the event will take place.

The value of the purchased subscriptions can be returned by sending a request in this regard to Eurolife ERB General Insurance is available on the phone 031 423 00 80, e-mail asigurari@eurolife-asigurari.ro or to the correspondence address Eurolife ERB Asigurări Generale, Dimitrie Pompeiu Boulevard no. 6A, Olympus building, 2nd floor, room 2.07, sector 2, 020337, Bucharest.


Everything that is posted on the Site and on various types of media in the Festival Area, such as, but not limited to, images, texts, graphic elements, symbols, logos, databases, etc. is the property of DISKOteka and / or its Contracting Partners.

All of these fall under the scope of intellectual property law. Visitors and Third parties may not use, copy, distribute, publish or incorporate in such documents or materials such markings / information in any form for the purpose of obtaining revenue without the prior written and express permission of DISKOteka and / or its Contracting Partners.

The images, logos, texts of the DISKOteka Contracting Partners belong to them (or DISKOteka, if they have been divested) and are reproduced on the Site or in the Festival Area with their agreement.

DISKOteka will make every effort to identify the messages it has received on the Site without being addressed to them, by redirecting the direct link to the source or by mentioning the persons listed on this Site, but will not always guarantee the existence of the reproduced source.


In order to use the Site, the users of the Site agree to provide real information about them as specified in the Subscription Purchase section and agree to provide this information correctly and completely.

Any attempt to provide false information, access to another user’s personal data, modify the content of the Site or affect the performance of the server on which the Website is posted will be considered an attempt to fraud the DISKOteka systems and will result in the immediate blocking of the access of the users of the Site. DISKOteka also reserves the right to notify the competent authorities of this attempt.


DISKOteka, at its discretion, will establish the conditions for carrying out the promotions on the Site, in accordance with the law. Promotions, raffles and competitions are held for a limited period and automatically expire on the date mentioned for each promotion, raffle or contest. Any promotion, raffle or contest may be discontinued or canceled at any time without prior notice. However, all participants will be notified of the interruption or cancellation.


Any conflict between DISKOteka and its customers as a result of participating in the Festival or using the Site will be resolved amicably. If this is not possible, the settlement of conflicts is within the competence of the Romanian courts.


In cases of force majeure (as defined by the Civil Code), the Organizer may decide to modify or even cancel the Festival in exceptional situations.

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