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Dear friends,

Given the current pandemic conditions and the fact that the events are prohibited by law, DISKOteka Festival cannot take place in 2021 either.

We know how long you have been waiting for the meeting with the biggest music festival in Europe dedicated to the music of the ’80s and’ 90s.

We have always hoped that the meeting with the eternal youth will be possible this year, after last year we had to postpone the event.

Unfortunately, we only have to meet you in 2022, on May 1, as we used to. And also on the “Dan Păltinișanu” stadium, from Timișoara.

May 1 because it represents the nostalgia of a time when music was our way of escaping from gray to a colorful spring. Timișoara – because this is where the idea of ​​Freedom started and because here we held the DISKOteka Festival with great success.

Out of respect for you, our wonderful friends, we postpone the reunion for another year.

Tickets remain valid, as well as our best thoughts and wishes for good and beauty in life!