The story continues! The largest festival in Europe dedicated to retro music in 2019 has gathered over 120,000 people, from home and abroad. During the 3 days of the festival, the artists who defined dance music from the 80s and 90s transformed Timișoara into THE BIGGEST OPEN AIR DISCOTECA. and in 2021 DISKOteka moves to the next level of fun!

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DISKOteka Festival is postponed for 2021 !

About two months before the DISKOteka Festival should have taken place, there is no realistic scenario in which we can see the normal conditions for organizing a DISKOteka-sized festival.

The growing number of cases of COVID infections, the ban on organizing festivals, the announcements of the authorities about maintaining the restrictions for another period determined us to take the decision to postpone for 2021 the DISKOteka Festival.

From production teams, technicians, artists, architects, communication team and volunteers, thousands of people will feel the effects of this decision.

But our promise remains the same: DISKOteka Festival will remain your unforgettable experience, with the best music of all time.

Those who have purchased season tickets can use them at one of the following three editions of the festival: 2021, 2022, 2023.

Our priority has always been and will always be health and safety!

Thank you for your understanding and we can’t wait to see you again at DISKOteka Festival!

About Festival

DISKOteka Festival is not a show, it is not an event, it is a story! It is the story of millions of people, from the country and abroad, who grew up with the songs of great artists.

DISKOteka Festival is the only event in Romania that managed to gather from the first edition an impressive number of international artists, in one place. It is the event that managed to gather 120.000 people at the Dan Păltinișanu stadium.

How did it all start?

We chose Timisoara as the venue for the first event of its kind in Romania because the city of Bega has a rich history, and Timisoara has long been the pioneer city in many areas.

Thus, DISKOteka Festival 2019 marked the entry of Romania on the map of the largest retro music festivals in Europe and is definitely the most important music event in the west of the country.

Galery 2019

DISKOteka 2019 was a festival of emotions and happiness. We are glad we made so many people smile.



We were honored that our song became the DISKOteka Festival anthem. Indeed, we felt it was difficult to get off the stage. The public from Timisoara has charged us with energy for a few years.

Penny Ford
Boney M

I’ve played all over the world …and it’s not small at all. But such a production was rarely given to me to see. We felt great and the audience was fantastic, even though it was raining. Impressive!!!

Liz Mitchell
Boney M

Romania has become, in one weekend, a top country in terms of events promoting music from 80 and 90. If it were to sum up in a word that meant DISKOteka Festival, that would be: FABULOUS !!!

Dr Alban

Until you experience the DISKOteka experience, you cannot understand what such an event means. And I say this both from the perspective of an artist and from the viewer.

Dr. Alban

Coming to actually leave the microphone when the audience is playing your songs so beautiful is a rare thing. DISKOteka Festival remains a standard event for our band. Hope to return to DISKOteka soon.

Marian Gold
Ace of Base

I just couldn’t believe it! When we got to the stadium and saw the scene we were going to sing, I thought I was going crazy. DISKOteka is the hottest retro music festival I have ever attended.

Jenny Berggren
Ace of Base
Modern Talking

Throughout my career I have performed thousands of concerts, played hundreds of scenes but I can say with my heart that nowhere I felt like I felt at DISKOteka. For a long time I did not have such emotions as I had in Timisoara. Incredible!

Thomas Anders
Modern Talking

Lineup 2021

DJ Bobo

DJ Bobo

DJ BoBo has sold 14 million records worldwide and released 11 studio albums, as well as a compilation of several albums, which included his hits such as “Everybody”, “Respect Yourself”, “Freedom” or “Love is all around”










No Mercy

No Mercy





Ice MC

Ice MC





Black Box

Black Box




Las Ketchup

Las Ketchup


Systems in Blue

Systems in Blue


Gina T

Gina T


Double You

Double You








Boney M Xperience

Boney M Xperience


Urban Cookie Collective

Urban Cookie Collective








6. GINA T.








1. SNAP!







A few figures

from 2019


Days of festival






Show hours


KM of cables




Reflectors and lights


LED screens


Choose the one that best suits you for a fantastic DISKOteka Festival experience.


For the edition of DISKOteka Festival 2020, all the tickets available for sale are now protected by the “En Garde” insurance. Thus, we assure you the benefit of fully recovering the value of your subscription in case something unforeseen will prevent you from attending the event.

Festival Map

Abonament Zona 1 Abonament VIP Abonament Zona 2 Abonament Zona 2


490 lei

(VAT and taxes included)

This subscription offers general access for all 3 days in the perimeter of the festival and in Zone 1 mentioned on the festival map.


280 lei

(VAT and taxes included)

The subscription in Zone 2 allows you the general access all 3 days so you can enjoy the whole DISKOteka Festival 2020 experience.


1.080 lei

(VAT and taxes included)

The VIP area is the most coveted area. You benefit from the best position as well as other benefits all 3 days.


200 lei

(VAT and taxes included)

This subscription offers general access in the Zone 2 of the festival for Friday, September 18, 2020.


200 lei

(VAT and taxes included)

This subscription offers general access in the Zone 2 of the festival for Saturday, September 19, 2020.


200 lei

(VAT and taxes included)

This subscription offers general access in the Zone 2 of the festival for Sunday, September 20, 2020.

Online Radio

Listen to DISKOteka Radio Online no matter where you are, on both Android and iOS devices. Come in now and download the application.

Questions & Answers


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Where will DISKOteka 2021 take place?

DISKOteka Festival 2020 will take place at the “Dan Păltinișanu” stadium in Timisoara

In what period will DISKOteka 2021 take place?

We will announce the new period in 2021 as soon as possible.

What types of subscriptions are there?

Participation in the Festival is done using one of the following types of Subscriptions:

● Subscription Zone 2 – guarantees the Authorized Participant access to the Festival for the entire period of its performance, starting from the first day, from 17:00 until the end of the Festival. The holders of the Zone 2 subscriptions have access only in the General Access area, as indicated on the Festival Map (purple colored area).

● Zone 1 subscription – guarantees the Authorized Participant access to the Festival for the entire period of its performance, starting from the first day, from 5:00 pm until the end of the Festival. The holders of Zone 1 subscriptions also have access to a specially arranged area, as indicated on the Festival Map (red colored area).

● VIP Subscription – guarantees the Authorized Participant access to the Festival for the entire period of its performance, starting from the first day, from 5:00 pm until the end of the Festival. VIP ticket holders also have access to a special area with bars with premium drink options and minimum waiting time, as indicated on the Festival Map (yellow colored area).

● VIP GOLD subscription – guarantees the Authorized Participant access to the Festival for the entire period of its performance, starting from the first day, from 5:00 pm until the end of the Festival. VIP GOLD ticket holders have access to a specially designed bar area with premium drink options and minimal waiting time. Access to the Festival for VIP GOLD ticket holders is through a special entrance (orange colored area).

● One-day subscription – guarantees the Authorized Participant access to the Festival on that day, in Zone 2 – General Access, starting at 17:00 and until 00:00, at which time the validity of the Subscription ceases, and the Participant has no longer access to the Festival.

Do children benefit from a discount?

Minors under 14 years old have free access to the Festival. Minors will receive bracelets of a different color, which will not allow them to purchase alcoholic beverages or cigarettes. Minors are prohibited from consuming alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and drugs.

At the request of the persons responsible for security and monitoring, as well as of the representatives of the Organizer, the attendant is obliged to present documents (student card, passport or any other document containing the minor’s picture) attesting the age of the minor.

The access of minors between the ages of 14-18 years will be made only on the basis of a valid Subscription, the identity card and in the company of a parent / guardian. A parent / guardian may accompany a single minor under the age of 14. It is necessary for an adult to assume responsibility for a minor and has the obligation to complete and sign Annex 1 – “Declaration of commitment” (available at the end of the Regulation – Parental Agreement), without which the child will not be allowed to enter the Festival Area , whether or not he has a companion.

Are there facilities for people with disabilities?

In the case of persons with disabilities in a disability category, they benefit from the following facilities:

● Persons with locomotor problems, who use a wheelchair for traveling, as well as the person accompanying them, receive free admission tickets to the Festival, within the limit of 44 available seats;

● People with other types of disabilities benefit from a 60% discount on the subscription price

In order to benefit from free or reduced discounts, persons with special needs should send an e-mail containing a copy of the certificate of disability classification, a copy of the identity card and the telephone number to abonamente@diskoteka.ro.

Based on this certificate the name and address of the persons concerned will be retained, their data to be deleted at the latest 72 hours after the end of the Festival Duration. The registration period is March 1, 2020 – March 31, 2020.

All applications sent outside this period will not be considered. The access of the persons with special needs is made only on the basis of the identity document and the confirmation received by e-mail after the evaluation of the application by the Organizer. Incomplete applications and applications sent to other email addresses will not be considered.

Participants who fall into a certain category of disability, are required to present to the security team or to the representatives of the Organizer a valid identity document as well as the certificate attesting disability.

The companion benefits from the reduction of the Subscription only if he proves, through any kind of supporting document, that he has the disabled person who accompanies him in the care and protection.

The organizer reserves the right to determine the number of persons with disabilities who will be able to participate in the Festival, depending on the total number of participants and the capacity of the festival.

How do I order?

For online booking and purchasing subscriptions at DISKOteka Festival 2020, the steps are as follows:

1. On the festival page you can see more details, the period and the location where it takes place.

2. Select the price category that suits you. For information you can also use the Festival Map.

3. Click on BUY NOW/CUMPARA.

4. Fill in the personal data (first name, last name, email, telephone) so that we can contact you regarding the progress of your order. For courier delivery of the subscriptions it is necessary to fill in the delivery address together with the postal code in the section “Additional information – Order notes”. All fields marked with * are required. Choose the payment method from the list of available options. Details of the payment method chosen are presented below.

5. You can order without having an account created on our site.

6. You are at the last step! Carefully check the entered data and reservations. If you have a discount code, you can enter it here (at the top of the screen) to get a discount.

7. Read and accept the clauses described in Privacy Policy, Festival Regulation and in Terms and conditions. Do not continue the order process if you do not agree with all these clauses.

8. If you agree with the conditions described above then you can click the button PLACE ORDER.

9. The order is placed and sent to our operators, a notification message already being sent to the email address specified by you. For further references, keep the order number.

10. If you chose to pay online with your bank card, you will be redirected to the authorized Raiffeisen Bank operator where you will make the payment.

Once you have placed and paid the order (valid for payment by card and bank transfer payment), you will receive the subscription in electronic form by e-mail, immediately after confirming the payment. Please note: the subscription is unique and non-transferable. The order details entered in our system (name, first name, etc.) must correspond to those of the person who comes to the event entry to verify and validate the subscription.

Subscriptions can also be purchased from our points of sale in Timisoara, according to the following program:

– point of sale Stadium – Tuesday to Sunday between 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm

– point of sale Iulius Town – Tuesday to Sunday between 5:00 pm and 9:00 pm

How do I pay?

Payment by credit or debit card

DISKOteka uses Raiffeisen Bank / Plationline.ro services for online transactions. You can pay online with your personal or business card, under full security conditions. The cards accepted for payment are those issued under the VISA (Classic and Electron) and MASTERCARD (including Maestro) logos. The payment is based on a secure online transaction processing system that offers confidentiality, security and simplicity in the purchase of products and services over the Internet. Card data processing is done exclusively through the bank, DISKOteka does not request and does not store any details regarding your card.

Important to know! There is no commission for bank card payments!


The subscriptions can be purchased from one of our points of sale in Timisoara according to the following program:

  • The point of sale located in the area of ​​the stadium “Dan Paltinisanu” – from Tuesday until Sunday between the hours of 1 pm to 4 pm
  • The point of sale located in Iulius Town Timisoara – from Tuesday to Sunday between 5 pm and 9 pm

Bank transfer

The payments will be made to the account of S.C. CONCERTE 100% LIVE S.R.L., after receiving by mail the invoice related to the requested subscriptions.

Bank account RON – RO80 RZBR 0000 0600 2130 0735 – Raiffeisen Bank

Proof of payment is made by e-mail to abonamente@diskoteka.ro within 24 hours of placing the order. After this period the unpaid orders will be canceled. The taxes related to these operations are borne by the client. Please specify on the copy of the payment document the name and the code of the payment order. The order code can be found in the e-mail received automatically for each valid order.

Cash on delivery

The value of the subscriptions and the transport taxes will be paid by the customer upon receipt of the ordered subscriptions.

Delivery is by fast courier. All orders made during the day until 3:00 pm will be delivered to the courier company Fan Courier on the same day, the delivery being made within 24-48 hours (1-2 business days, except for legal holidays or weather conditions extreme). After the envelope is delivered to the courier company, the buyer receives notification on the email address entered at the time of ordering, with the AWB number assigned by the courier company system.

The transport tax is borne exclusively by the customer, following the personal choice of this method of delivery and payment and is worth 25 lei + 1% of the value of the subscriptions.

The transport fee may be higher if you live in an area without Fan Courier coverage, for which the additional kilometer charge will be collected from the nearest Fan Courier work point in that area. In case the city or town is not included in the Fan Curier delivery list, the customer will pay additional kilometers at the time of order delivery.

Also, changes or redirections to other delivery addresses will be charged additionally and will be paid by the customer.

These costs are borne by the client even if the purchased subscriptions are returned.

Can I get my money back?

Purchased subscriptions cannot be returned.

It is not accepted to return the subscriptions and / or to request the reimbursement of their value for the tickets ordered, paid, delivered and valid for an event that will take place according to the announced program (date and time) and location and / or has not announced any changes regarding the initial program (date and time) or change location.

By purchasing the subscriptions, the buyers are obliged to comply with the official rules of the event, registration, rules and procedures for check-in and access. The purchase of subscriptions / bracelets / invitations from areas other than those authorized by the event organizer is forbidden and will restrict access.

All subscriptions are insured!

When the plans are over your head, usually the amount spent on the tickets already purchased is not returned to you. However, this is not the case for the subscriptions purchased at DISKOteka Festival.

This means that, along with a trusted partner: Eurolife ERB Insurance, We offer you the benefit of fully recovering the value of the already purchased subscriptions in case something unexpected prevents you from reaching our event from 1-3 May 2020, because all the subscriptions are insured.

How do you get in possession of insurance?

All types of subscriptions available for sale for DISKOteka Festival – 2020 Edition now have the advantage of being protected. Thus, for any order placed on  https://diskoteka.ro/ website, you will receive an email containing the necessary data and confirmation that your subscription is insured as soon as the subscription payment has been made.

Check the complete coverage list, detailed in Insurance Terms and Conditions..

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