The festival aims to revive the years of youth, filled with contradictory feelings such as nostalgia, exuberance and emotion of the first love. The fun has not always meant tens of thousands of euros, organized in
clubs and fancy pubs.

Even in the most conservative times, those who were high school students in the 1990s were more entertained than young people nowadays do. Despite of limited resources, there was no lack of music bustling apartment suits, organized when parents were absent from home.


But the charm of those parties, and many miss them today, was given precisely by the concerts of the troupes that the romanians discovered through the video tapes received from abroad. It’s the “navel on the look” dress, the phosphorescent colored bushes, the leather trousers and the “cool” music.

Who has never sang the songs of some loved interpreters like Snap, Sabrina or Milli Vanilli? Who did not want to be able to see and listen to those artists who, in the 1980s and 1990s, conquered the hearts of all and whose refrains were heard on the frequencies of all commercial radio stations?

Disco Music

Whoever lived adolescence, he certainly remembers the song that was playing when he first kissed in the high school years, the music of some artists about which at that time we knew nothing about, not even what they looked like.

We dedicate this festival to those with insomnia because of their first love, to those who rolled tapes with a pencil to listen to endlessly disco music, to those who imagined they were Michael Jackson and they practiced the moonwalk steps behind the block and, of course, those who sang, in imprecise English, their beloved lyrics on various occasions.

Disco music has no age. It is the rhythm that likes each of us, loved by rockers and fans of rap. Disco music is loved and listened to by those who lived in the ’80s and’ 90s, as well as the new generations, the youth of our day.

The songs of those years are reinvented by today’s DJs and are always listened with the same pleasure.

Disco means energy, madness, liberation, color and, why not, glamor, glow. Disco music is the joy of each of us and the guarantee of any successful show. This musical genre is suitable for any party and any context that involves fun.